Evaluation is the process of ascertaining or judging the value or amount of something by careful appraisal. Evaluation is the process of making judgments that are to be used as a basis of planning. Measurement includes the use of standardized tests, the results of which are expressed in quantitative terms. Our evaluation system consists of Internal Exam & Final Exam Internal Exams develops the means of determining the accuracy of degree and kind of all the changes which it brings about. Internal exam is followed by giving assignments, Unit Test & Surprise Test which becomes more productive outcomes & enhances the subject knowledge, review of study followed by an accurate appraisal of its results, whose growth & development can be evaluated in terms of knowledge, habits, skills, abilities, attitudes, reasoning, and the like. Final Exam which is conducted by the university based on theory exam & Practical exam. This evaluation system gives special importance to project evaluation to enhance the practical life problems.

The college evaluates the student on the basis of different parameter such as

The evaluation can be done through a grading system such as Good, Average and Poor.


Parent teacher meetings are held quarterly to discuss a student’s progress in college. The parents meet all the subject lectures to discuss about their child’s intellectual and psychological development. They can clear doubts if any, about the workings of the college during those meetings. The college actively encourages the parents to give suggestions about any lacuna they perceive about the college’s workings or about their child’s development. These suggestions are taken seriously and worked upon.